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25+ Hospital Hookups

We're talking only the doctor/doctor and doctor nurse hookups, and we're including the plus because maybe we totally missed some. You ready for this?

  1. Meredith and Derek
  2. Meredith and George
  3. Cristina and Burke
  4. Callie and George
  5. Izzie and George
  6. Alex and Izzie
  7. Callie and Erica Hahn
  8. Callie and Mark Sloan
  9. Teddy and Mark
  10. Alex and Lexie
  11. April and Alex
  12. Bailey and Eli (the nurse)
  13. Derek and Rose (the nurse)
  14. Lexie and Jackson
  15. Lexie and Mark
  16. Dr. Webber and Catherine Avery
  17. Bailey and Ben
  18. Alex and like, all the nurses and interns
  19. April and Jackson
  20. Cristina and Owen
  21. Arizona and Callie
  22. Cristina and Shane
  23. Leah and Arizona
  24. Stephanie and Jackson
  25. Jo and Alex

. . . Did we miss any?

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