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POPSUGAR: So what was it like to be back on set with Scott? Did it bring back some old memories?

Candace Cameron Bure: It absolutely did. We had so much fun. We have this quick little cameo at the end of the season finale, but I think the fans are going to love to see us back together. It was funny, because we actually start the scene and we're in a moving truck, and when the two of us sat in that moving truck, we immediately went, 'Oh my gosh, this feels like the Full House episode where Steve and DJ were in the cement truck and it went through the window.' It was the same configuration, and we were just laughing and had a great time.

PS: The ending seemed sort of open — are you going to appear in any more episodes?

CB: It is open-ended, and I'm not sure, because they don't have their season-three pickup yet. But if they get their pickup, it's definitely a possibility.

PS: Do you have a favorite DJ and Steve moment?

CB: The cement truck was pretty funny to me. There was one line — I don't even remember the episode — but Steve is writing something, and he blurts out, "DJ, I love you!" And it's just a line that every time we'll see each other or any of the other cast members, it's the one line that he said that we always imitate.

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