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PS: Speaking of the other cast members, you know those high school superlatives? I'm going to do a Full House version, if you could tell me who would win these awards out of your castmates.

CB: OK, is this real names? Or characters?

PS: Real names. Best hair?

CB: Well, I was going to say John Stamos, but I have pretty good hair too. I might need to give props to myself.

PS: Most talkative?

CB: Bob Saget.

PS: Class clown?

CB: Dave Coulier.

PS: Brainiest?

CB: Andrea Barber.

PS: Most like their character?

CB: I'll say Lori Loughlin.

PS: Most likely to secretly be a superhero?

CB: John Stamos.

PS: When we last saw DJ and Steve, he'd taken her to her senior prom. Did you go to your high school prom?

CB: I did, and I brought Scott Weinger. He was my date for my senior prom.

PS: Did you wear the same dress?

CB: No, I did not. I think I wore a much more elegant dress in real life.

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