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Lady Olenna Tyrell

Why it could be her:

  • In what may have been foreshadowing, Lady Tyrell approaches Sansa during the reception to say how terrible it is that Robb and Lady Stark were killed at a wedding, commenting on how awful a person would have to be to murder someone during a special occasion.
  • Lady Tyrell expresses her concerns about Joffrey several times, asking Sansa for her opinion and worrying about her granddaughter marrying such a tyrant. Killing Joffrey would get Margaery out of harm's way.

Why it couldn't be her:

  • Evil or not, King Joffrey was her granddaughter's new husband, and she rushes to Margaery's side to comfort her after he dies.

The latest:

  • Lady Tyrell's conversation with Margaery implies that she's too smart to have killed Joffrey — at that point anyway. She explains to Margaery that it would have been better had they consummated the marriage first, this guaranteeing her right to the title.

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