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Night Moves

What it's about: Three environmentalists plot to blow up an Oregon dam to make a statement. However, things don't exactly go as planned for farmer Josh (Jesse Eisenberg), rich girl Dena (Dakota Fanning), and former marine Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard). As they struggle to pick up the pieces after their attack, things get messier and crazier than they could have imagined.

How is it? For a thriller, most of the action happens inside the characters' minds. With a slow-moving plot and a lack of backstory for the characters, the story is more about the aftermath than the actual eco-terrorism act. The team dynamic is interesting, but it isn't until the tail end of the film that the audience is truly hooked. Eisenberg doesn't play his typical awkward outcast, though he acts as the most logical of the three. Sarsgaard takes the lead as an unpredictable hothead who tends to make careless, irresponsible missteps, leaving Fanning's character to pick up the pieces. With that said, Fanning comes into her own as a sassy and persuasive woman who can hold her own, though as she begins to get in over her head, she plays the naïveté and vulnerability to a tee. In spite of some solid performances from this star-studded cast, it's ultimately too much talk and too little action.

When you can see it: In theaters on May 30, 2014.

— AW

Source: Maybach Film Productions