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About Alex

What it's about: After their friend Alex (Jason Ritter) attempts suicide, a group of 30-something college pals reunite to help him recover as they catch up after a long absence. The cast is full of familiar TV stars, including New Girl's Max Greenfield, Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza, Lost's Maggie Grace, Suburgatory's Jane Levy, as well as Max Minghella and Nate Parker.

How is it?: While this could just be a generic reunion tale, the unique story and fantastic cast makes it memorable. As the friends reunite for the first time in almost a decade, tangled webs and surprise confessions almost overtake the reason they're all there: to support Alex as he attempts to recover. The film isn't all about Alex, though Ritter balances emotion and surprising humor as he heals. Things get more dramatic as old feelings come out — with multiple love triangles and a pregnancy scare, but it never feels like too much. With an incredible cast dynamic (particularly with Plaza and Greenfield playing opposite roles of their TV counterparts), it's a realistic tale of growing apart and the things that bring you back together. It's the reunion movie in the age of social media that everyone can relate to, and it may make you want to reach out to your old college friends, too.

When you can see it: In theaters and VOD on August 8.

— Alyse Whitney, assistant editor

Source: The Bedford Falls Company