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Goodbye to All That

What it's about: Clumsy, unlucky suburban father Otto (Paul Schneider) is blindsided by his wife Annie's (Melanie Lynskey) sudden divorce filing. As he ventures back into the dating world, he encounters many interesting people, from an ex-girlfriend (Heather Graham) to OKCupid dates to the one who got away (Heather Lawless) — all while trying to coparent his daughter, Edie (Audrey P. Scott).

How is it? Schneider is great at playing characters you want to root for, and Otto is no exception. As a marathon runner who breaks his foot and spends the rest of the film hobbling around, he's just trying to get his life together, and the film highlights his ups and downs. Otto has no trouble getting laid — making for some crazy sex scenes with his young OKCupid hookup (Ashley Hinshaw) and crazy, religious date Debbie (Anna Camp) — and those moments are juxtaposed with a lot of drama from his ex-wife, Annie. Lynskey plays her as frustratingly passive-aggressive and selfish, but it's clear that Otto is oblivious to her unhappiness. The same goes for their daughter, who heartbreakingly fades away, too, leaving him picking up the pieces of his life. This unique film includes plenty of unforgettable hilarious moments mixed in with Otto's struggles.

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Source: Epoch Films

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