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Gone With the Wind

My mother is mildly obsessed with Gone With the Wind, and my first time watching was definitely with her. If you haven't seen it, it's long, and I don't require annual viewings like she does, but I have a suspicion it makes her really happy when I suggest watching it, so I find myself doing it every so often when I'm home visiting. And as a good daughter, I've indulged her love in other ways — like going to the Gone With the Wind museum in Atlanta, which is a real thing, guys.

— Leah Melby, associate fashion editor

My mom and I love watching Gone With the Wind. Every time that we see it on Turner Classic Movies, we pretty much are glued to the couch for the next four hours. My mom is from Mississippi and has an affinity for hoop skirts and plantation homes. She and Scarlett are kindred spirits (I say this with the most fondness).

— Anna Monette Roberts, assistant food editor

My mom loves her classics. So much so, she can recite every single one of Scarlett O'Hara's lines from Gone With the Wind. Even though it's a long one, I always get engrossed in the story and drama. Whenever I watch this, it takes me back to those times she'd let me stay up past my bedtime and eat junk food!

— Stephanie Wong, editorial development assistant

Source: MGM

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