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Her Legacy

Perhaps the most incredible part of Esther's story is she sent a letter to her future self (and her parents) a year after her death, using a website called Although the full letter has been taken down, you can read a moving excerpt below:

"This is a letter for the future esther. future me, i hope you're doing better than present me. i hope that if you still have your cancer, at least it will be gone enough for you to be off oxygen . . . remember how you always wanted to do something for the world? remember that? if you haven't done something amazing, don't forget to try. the worst that can happen is you fail, and then you can just try again until you succeed. those words don't work on me now, but just try to remember them . . . just be happy. and if you can’t be happy, do things that make you happy. or do nothing with people that make you happy."

Source: Flickr user estherearl