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The Drama Is Intense

Whether you watched season one or not, the drama in season two will blow you away. As Mike (Tveit) makes his return to the house and everyone questions if they can trust both him and Briggs (Sunjata), tension builds. Tveit said that relationships are "definitely strained" at the beginning of the season, and Sunjata added that Mike and Briggs are particularly "wary of one another" and competing to be the Alpha male of the house. Ultimately, it sounds like Mike is going to run into some trouble after putting the people he loves in danger. "Mike has found out how to push the envelope a little bit and maybe put some people in danger if he can justify the final goal," Tveit explained. "I think he has a real dose of hero complex in thinking that he is this hammer of the law a little bit, and he can kind of do anything he wants, no matter who it hurts, as long as it's putting the bad guys away."

Another downward spiral is going to affect everyone and cause a lot of drama, too. As Jakes (McLaren) deals with trying to see his son, Daniel (whom he's never met since he split with Daniel's mother), it becomes a "tough season," according to McLaren. "He's not doing well. You see a lot of sides of Jakes that you haven't seen in the first season. The can kind of explodes," he added. "As he's losing control, he's not able to protect himself as well. As you start to lose things you want in your grasp, everything kind of just spills out."

Source: USA Network

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