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Gringotts is the main attraction, and it's not just the ride itself that's awe-inspiring. There's an extremely lifelike Ukrainian Ironbelly dragon atop the bank that breathes actual, real fire at intervals. Then the entire queue is an experience in and of itself, beginning with the magnificent chandelier-filled lobby that's pulled straight from the films. As you walk through the lobby, you pass animatronic goblins you'd swear are alive, thanks to help from the film team in creating them (they even took molds of the goblins used in the movies). Then there's a fun preshow that takes place in Bill Weasley's office, a combination of real props and screens, and a fake elevator ride with some special effects that make you really feel like you're headed underground. The ride itself is a thrilling high-tech mix of real elements within a 3D projection dome that follows Ron, Harry, and Hermione as they escape from Gringotts Bank.

Source: 2014 Universal Orlando Resort

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