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  • "Head Underwater": You want to turn this track up as loudly as possible, roll down all the windows in your car, and let the warm breeze rush over you. With Jenny crooning, "There's a little bit of magic, everybody has it/There's a little bit of sand left in the hourglass," you'll feel like Summer could last forever.
  • "She's Not Me": Maybe your Summer hit a snag when you found out that your ex-boyfriend is expecting a baby with another woman. Even if the breakup was maybe, possibly, kind of your fault, this track was made for blasting in your apartment with all the windows open while drinking wine and singing along in your underwear. I'm not saying I've done that, I'm just saying it's a good song to do it to.
  • "Just One of the Guys": Ideal for a beach day, especially one in which you're with a group of coupled-up friends. You're not married — but some of your friends are — and the conversation has turned to when you'll get a ring on your finger and have some kids already. As Jenny sings "I'm just another lady without a baby," take a long sip of your cocktail, roll over onto your stomach, and continue working on your tan without saying a word.

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