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Alexander McQueen Samsonite Black Label: Love It or Hate It?

Now I know Christina Ricci has partnered with Samsonite, but something tells me even her gothic roots as Wednesday and in The Legend of Sleepy Hollow won't churn out a luggage collection quite like this. Alexander McQueen's collection for Samsonite Black Label is, er, interesting. At the launch party the designer admitted: "Unfortunately, I'm quite sick at the moment." Wait - was he physically sick or mentally sick? I think physically, but one would wonder about the mental bit too after viewing this luggage collection that resembles the boney spine of many a controversial model. I like the other pieces in the collection; the pristine white contours create a ghostly aesthetic that is McQueen no doubt. But that white spiny one just gives me the jeepers creepers - and I like scary movies! What do you all think?

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