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Alexander Wang Vest Dress

Alexander Wang Vest Dress

A tube dress and a vest for seven hundred dollars could only be peddled by the unstoppable Alexander Wang. These two pieces, simple vintage finds, have come from Wang as part of his Fall 08 collection. This 'look', a textbook waif uniform, follows in the footsteps of the many other vintage-inspired looks that, despite their easy-to-source elements and outrageously expensive price tag, are stocked at all of the best boutiques worldwide. We're sure this dress received plenty of orders, what's not to like? It's funny how cyclical these things are. A vintage store stocks early nineties tube dresses and old man vests, the leggy gals pick them up and put them together, along comes Wang, and then, well, then the vintage stores up their buys of these two pieces from maybe a couple to a bunch and before you know, the look has penetrated young fashion culture. In fact, whichever side of the fence you fall on is completely determined by whether or not you happened to catch a Wang sample sale, found a tube dress post-Wang version that suited your frame, or just had seven hundred dollars to blow on your way home from work. In the end, it's all relative and Wang, most of the time, wins.


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