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Anna Wintour's Fashion Family Tree

Anna Wintour's Fashion Family Tree

>> In The Devil Wears Prada, the editor modeled after Anna Wintour mentions that if her job is ever threatened, she has a list of photographers, designers, stylists, and editors who she's helped over the years and who have pledged allegiance to her.  There's no word on whether Anna actually has a list like that — although there are plenty of people whose careers she's helped — but Page Six Magazine proffers that it doesn't matter: "with her army of progeny installed in cushy Condé Nast jobs . . . Anna isn't going anywhere fast."

If you've ever been interested in Anna Wintour's family tree — from her first husband David Shaffer, who after learning of Anna's 1998 affair with current boyfriend Shelby Bryan called Bryan's wife to tell her "Your husband and my wife are f---ing," and all his relatives to Shelby Bryan and his descendents, it's a good rundown, from Bee and Charlie Shaffer to Alexis Bryan.
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