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Only 1 Man Escaped the Wrath of Anna Wintour

May 10 2014 - 8:00am

At this year's Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art [1], Sarah Jessica Parker [2] may have been a bit too chatty on the receiving line, and perhaps her white gloves were soiled by the evening's end, but the lovely cochair's charms seemed to win the seal of approval from Anna Wintour. Others were not so lucky. Because when Anna sets a party theme, guests are expected to fall in line [3] — and that is the case whether the order of the evening is punk or white tie.

So when Anna joined Sarah Jessica on the Late Night With Seth Meyers stage, she had a few edits to make. Below, a ranking of the male guests' attire as determined by Anna.

Tom Brady

Anna Says: "He has Gisele, so that helps. But he is wearing classic black tie. He obviously did not look at the invitation."

Jake Gyllenhaal

Anna Says: "Brooklyn white tie."

Hugh Jackman

Anna Says: "My understanding [is], this is called 'white tropical dinner jacket.'"

Seth Meyers

Anna Says: "Seth, apparently you are allowed to wear dark blue, that is possible with white tie. But you didn't have the tails."

Kanye West

Anna Says: "Almost perfect, but he doesn't have the winged collar or the white tie. Otherwise, he got an A."

Bradley Cooper

Anna Says: "99.5 percent. If you read your Emily Post, which I know you do Seth, his studs are onyx and they should have been mother of pearl. You knew that."

Benedict Cumberbatch

Anna Says: Nothing. Because you can't improve on perfection.

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