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Love All: How Anna Wintour Watches a Tennis Match — in 16 Stages

Aug 25 2014 - 6:00am

There's no denying that Anna Wintour loves a round of tennis. From Wimbledon to the US Open, to really any match that Roger Federer's in, you can count on the fashion industry's most powerful editor to make an appearance — and be the chicest fan at the game. So, is there any better way to celebrate the first day of the US Open than by looking back at how our favorite Voguestagramer [1] spectates her favorite sport? It's time to get your game face ready, Wintour-style.

When Anna goes to a game, she commits — in both spirit and strongly printed outerwear.

On a rare occasion, she even lets herself get as wild as those prints she wears.

Quieter print, quieter cheer?

See? A bright orange trench calls for a double wave. (Or dare we guess, is she raising the roof?)

But sometimes, she's just unimpressed.

Because, in tennis, things don't always turn out as expected.

Sometimes things really don't turn out as expected, like when you are seated next to Oscar de la Renta.

And then there are the times when things get awkward, like when Sienna Miller [2] and Tom Sturridge pack on the PDA one row up.

But she powers through.

And keeps on smiling. (How could you not when sitting next to Oscar?)

Because at a tennis match, she can let loose!

She can have fun. . .

. . . And wear denim!

Sometimes, though, Anna has to tend to work matters.

But her love of the game always shines through.

And despite her ever-present sunglasses, she never forgets how to give her most serious front-row face when it matters most.

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