POPSUGAR Celebrity

Backstage at Geren Ford

Sep 3 2008 - 2:32pm

About 30 minutes ago were were seriously weighing the merits of anti-psychosis drugs. Coutorture is getting an overhaul on its backend (a buttlift?) which is causing your editors no end of confusion. Call us stupid but content management systems are tricky beasts. So when we arrived at the Bowery Hotel to interview Geren Lockhart of Geren Ford [1] we were pretty sure you could still see the tears in our eyes.

But the mellow backstage has just about righted all that is wrong in our world. At least until we have to think about technical things again. A sea of smiling people greeted us including some very friendly publicists from HL Group [2]. After a wonderful one on one session with the designer (which will be posted later) we were able calmly enjoy the backstage, snap a few photos and sit a spell in complete comfort before the presentation.

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