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The Best Cheap Engagement Rings For The Budget Bride

Caveat emptor For The Bride

Cheap Engagement Ring Cubic ZarconiaDespite our skepticism about wedding season here on Coutorture we do find it intriguing. It seems odd to us that the trappings of one's special day can send so many otherwise rational women into a fit of psychosis. But as we have heard remarkedWhen enough people share a delusion, it loses its status as a psychosis and gets a religious tax exemption instead.” Getting a tax rebate on your wedding aside, it does pay to remember that a wedding is the merging and blending of assets. And frankly ladies, marriage is a buyers market and its the fairer sex that is doing all the purchasing.

So if men propose and women dispose, we cannot fathom why there is a market for sub one hundred dollar wedding bands and engagement rings. How a $16.99 Stainless Steel Cubic Zirconia Classic Engagement Ring can even exist is beyond our powers of reasoning. While we appreciate that money isn't everything (not that you would get that from looking at the money women spend on wedding dresses) we have to wonder if one's budget is so frugal that maybe one should forgo the frippery of weddings entirely and invest it in something more worthwhile, like say your grocery bill. So if your Prince Charming goes the budget route we suggest thanking him and saying that his love is enough. Otherwise you might want to consider your options. Sometimes the material things in life indicate the success of the immaterial. Brides are only human after all.

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