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Cashmere Mafia Fashion Quiz: "Dog Eat Dog"

Cashmere Mafia Fashion Quiz: "Dog Eat Dog"

Cashmere Mafia got a little more sensitive last night. The usually career-crazy Mia Mason stopped worrying about work (and love) for once and thought about adopting a dog. Aw! On the flip side, Caitlin Dowd's love life went on a hiatus for her career. I was quite happy about that — her personal life is a bit too dramatic for my taste. Speaking of drama, now that Zoe is no longer a working woman, she moved on to controlling her family — she'll be back to work in no time. The red-haired Juliet decided to mix business with pleasure by dating a billionaire affiliated with her company. Must be nice. Take my quiz to see how well you were paying attention last night.

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Cashmere Mafia Fashion Quiz: "Dog Eat Dog"

Which designer dropped Caitlin's cosmetic company for their fashion week runway show?


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