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Christian Louboutin Dancing in Interview

Christian Louboutin Shows Off His Carnival Dance Moves!

We caught up with Christian Louboutin at the launch of his special 20th anniversary collection at Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills. With Valentine's Day coming up, we couldn't resist asking the designer if he had any plans for the special day. Mr. Louboutin revealed that he'd be celebrating at Carnival in Rio with "25 kilos of sunscreen" on his head, and even shared a special dance move he's been saving for the event! Watch this adorable moment with the beloved designer, and don't forget to catch the full interview on Fab Flash.

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So today I'm here at Neiman Marcus, in Beverly Hills, and I actually got to interview Christian Louboutin. So what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Do you have any Valentine's Day plans? I 'm going to be in the Carnival of Rio, it corresponds to the, yeah to the Carnival in Rio. I'm going to be actually Have fun. 25 kilos of something on my head. Oh my gosh. Do you have a favorite Valentines Day ever? Like a favorite Valentines float? It's my first celebration at the Carnival, so yeah. I'm very happy to do that.

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