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Dating Horror Stories From the Real World

Aug 9 2014 - 12:30pm

This is the true story . . . of seven women . . . picked to post on a blog . . . write together and have their answers compiled . . . to find out what happens . . . when men are left to their own devices . . . and dress themselves for dates . . . The Real World. But seriously, you think the stuff you see on TV is ugly, wait until you hear what's out there in the social experiment that is the dating field. So when asked, "What's the worst thing your date showed up in on your first meeting?" the women of Reddit [1] were more than happy to list the bad — and there is plenty of bad [2]. Consider these men kicked out of the house.

"He wore a baggy T-shirt with a hoodie and jean shorts. I don't understand why he thought that was giving his best first impression." — Reddit user cwazydragon [3]

"My bf and I had just met last summer. We'd been on a few dates . . . and then the 'moment of truth' came — I asked him to come over to my place. He showed up in red camo-print cargo shorts. I mean, I still slept with him . . . " — Reddit user MissMacaroni [4]

"He was way too old for his wallet chain." — Reddit user AnnaFreud [5]

"Loose fitting, white leopard printed cotton pants with an over-sized t-shirt. We were supposedly going to a nice cocktail lounge . . . Those pants have been burned into my mind." — Reddit user jennm1484 [6]

"One guy wore track pants, hiking boots, and a hoodie with the hood up when we met for a date at a coffee shop. I get that a coffee shop isn't the fanciest of dates and that fashion shouldn't matter so much, but having his hood up . . . ?" — Reddit user toodletwo [7]

"Ed Hardy sunglasses. Graphic button down. Spiked hair. Pretty sure he was actually Guy Fieri." — Reddit user FivebyFive [8]

"A ZZ Top necklace over a ZZ Top T-shirt. He played air guitar with his pool cue at one point." — Reddit user ZillahGashly [9]

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