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Come Fab Finding With Me: Camping Cutie

Believe it or not, I have gone camping. Well, Fab camping - that is, there has to be a bathroom, I must have one of those plushy air mattresses, and smores is required. But I can rough it with the best of them, albeit I may be a high maintenance camper. Hey, I try ok?

Anywho, a reader wrote me suggesting we do a Fab Finding for cute camping clothes and I say: where's the compass?! Let's do it! I'll start you off with these Joe's Jeans Perry Cargo Shorts, $152, because nothing says roughing it like a pair of designer denim shorts (wink).

Let's go Fab Finding for ruggedly cute camping outfits. Feel free to throw in some camping essentials for those of us not well versed in the way of the camp. Be sure to come back and tell me your Fab Finds are up, or just tag your Fab Finds with camping.

To learn what a Fab Find is and how to make one, click here. For a more detailed explanation of bookmarks from geeksugar click here.

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