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Coutorture Community's Morning Must Reads 8/25

Coutorture Community's Morning Must Reads 8/25

Great fashion can be discovered anywhere, from your local coffee shop to an international vacation. It's best to always keep your eyes open, a lesson well known by our Network Partners. They demonstrate their knowledge in today's Must Read posts from: Style...A Work In Progress finds similarities in J Crew's latest jacket collection and a legendary designer. Are the jackets merely a loving tribute or do they step over the "inspired" line? The color purple symbolizes royalty, and the color purple is all The Fashionable Housewife can think about for fall. Luxurious jewel tones are always a Fall staple, but this grapeish obsession takes on new life. An international vacation prompts The Fashion Bomb to bring her Real Style column to the streets of London. The international flair put a perk in "ordinary" American style. Being a working woman, it's hard to walk the line between comfort and style. Ask The Style Chefs answers a reader's question on where to find comfortable, stylish shoes. Style Finds offers us an incredible insight into the world of Two of Hearts, a label designed by Jenny Yen and Tabith Savoie. A chance coffee encounter leads to a lovely fashion discussion and a bonding over mutual loves.


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