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Coutorture Community's Morning Must Reads 8/27

Coutorture Community's Morning Must Reads 8/27

Even though fashion can be seen as frivolous, there are often serious moral questions to be answered. Take a look at real issues in this morning's Must Read posts from: When a piece of aspirational fashion gets under you skin, sometimes it's hard to shake. Urban Socialite is completely captivated by a piece of jewelry by designer Megan Auman that is just a bit out of financial reach. As often noted with fashion and beauty, we're not curing cancer. The Beauty Bunny has found a beauty product whose proceeds go to a cancer organization. So true, we may not be curing cancer, but we can sure help! Catwalk Queen touches on another sensitive subject: fur. How do you feel about fake fur? How do you feel about real fur? With Fall coming right around the corner, the fur debate once again becomes a hot topic. With the publicity machine, it's often difficult to hear about the fashion related books that aren't written by public figures. Worn Through offers a look at the next set of stunning and informative fashion books coming out this month. Trend de la Creme has discovered another recurring trend in fashion: the fashionable nun. You'd never see the inspiration until she points it out.


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