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Coutorture Community's Must Reads 8/27

Coutorture Community's Must Reads 8/27

The best reviews are those that come from personal experiences. This is the benefit our Network Partners have over traditional media. Don't take our word for it, take theirs in today's Must Read posts from: Couture In The City offers an up close look at her experiences with Elizabeth Arden's Color Intrigue Eyeshadows. We love when our Network Partners have the courage to post photos of themselves. What would your next jewelry purchase be? We're not talking about buying something from a street vendor on your way home, we're discussing real pieces. Jewel History weighs in on what exactly investment jewelry is, and what it should mean to you. Some people are feeling gothic for fall, some people are feeling frills and bows. Boutique Flair is feeling the latter, and shares her inspiration with all of her readers. So many ladies look to Ebay to find vintage and rare items. Glowing Doll finds a great selection and opts to share it with her readers. The Shoe Goddess is so keen, she noticed an emerging trend in footwear. The wooden heel is making a comeback, and she has found the shoes to prove it.


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