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DIY Add a Belt to a Floppy Hat

DIY: Instantly Update Your Floppy Hat With a Belt

For today's DIY, we're showing you how to update a basic floppy hat with a cool belt. A felt hat is one of those items that isn't tied to a season — it pairs perfectly with your maxi dresses for right now and with your wide-leg jeans and sweaters come Fall. Another perk of this DIY? It's so simple! All you need is a hat, a belt, and a hot glue gun. Watch today's DIY and let us know what you think in the comments section below! On Allison McNamara: H&M top and necklace. Hat: American Apparel

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Hi, it's Allison McNamara. Thanks for tuning back in to DIY on Fab Sugar TV. Today I'm gonna show you how to personalize a floppy hat with a belt. Here's what you'll need; a floppy hat, a waist belt and a hot glue gun and glue stick. we were inspired by this hat from Dsquared and this is an easy way to repurpose an old hat, an old belt, or both. The first step is to find your hat and your belt I like the idea of staying in the same color [xx] because it really adds dimension to the whole look. [xx] this pretty rusty color in our belt. It's just a few shades darker. Also, it's good to choose felt hat because that way, it's not tied to a season. You can really wear a felt hat at any point in the year, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter. Next, before we get started wanna stuff your hat with some paper. I actually left in the original rim from the hat to give it structure, but you can also just stuff it with newspaper. Now it's time to measure out the belt. I got mine in an extra small it won't have a lot of excess, however, if your belt is a larger size, you may need to trim it with scissors. So pull the belt taut and then see this per on the buckle, this clasp right here? You're gonna pull it back because most likely you're not going to have enough belt loops to go through, and leather is really hard to pierce, and take your belt and put it through this loop. That so and push firmly. Once you're happy with the length of the excess part of the belt, which I am, it's time to start half looping it down. What you're going to do is take your glue gun and start closest to this loop right here, and then repeat that just along the belt. Now that you've glued down the entire belt around the brim, you're done. It's so simple and easy and now you've updated a basic floppy hat with a really cool belt. I'm Allison McNamara. Thanks for joining me for today's DIY and make sure to come back here for lots more.

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