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DIY: Add Elbow Patches to a Blazer or Sweater

DIY: How to Add Elbow Patches to a Sweater

In today's DIY, we're showing you how to spruce up an old blazer, sweater, or jacket with cool, equestrian-inspired elbow patches. It's really simple, and will instantly add personality to any item in your closet. Watch this quick and fun DIY to see how it's done. On Allison: StyleMint top, House of Harlow necklace.

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Hey. It's Allison McNamara. And in today's DIY, I'm gonna show you how to add elbow patches to spruce up a jacket, blazer or sweater. It's really simple and feel to any garment. Here's what you'll need: something to add elbow patches to, today we're using a blazer, one yard of fabric you like, a marking stencil, paper and a pen, needle and thread and safety pins. First, you're gonna take your pen and paper and draw your oval patch decals. You might have to draw it a few times until you're happy with your oval. and cut out the oval that you do and place it on the fabric. Next, you're gonna trace it with a marking pen You can also use a pen, however I prefer the marking pencil because it doesn't leave any ink marks. Then trace your second patch using the same decal. Once you're happy with your ovals, cut them out. Next, you need to find out where your decal is going to go. So, try on your blazer, take your marking pencil, and mark the tip of your elbow. That's going to be the center of your decal. Now, pin your patches onto your blazer, and try on your blazer to make sure you like where they are. I think this looks pretty good. And now you're ready to sew them on. Don't be afraid to personalize it by using a fun color thread. Today, I'm using green. A good tip is to sew around your patch twice. This not only reinforces your thread, it also makes the color pop. And just like that you've instantly updated your basic blazer with a cool equestrian flair. Make sure to come back here for more fun DIY. I'm Allison Macnamara Thanks for watching Fab Sugar TV.

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