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A Dead Raccoon Won't Get Anna Wintour Talking

A Dead Raccoon Won't Get Anna Wintour Talking

>> Anna Wintour has been harangued by PETA throughout her Vogue editorship, and try as she may to elicit a reaction, Ingrid Newkirk, president and co-founder of PETA, can't get anything out of Anna.  She's gatecrashed Vogue headquarters, causing Anna to barricade herself in her office.  She famously served Anna a dead raccoon at the Four Seasons in 1996, but Anna merely covered it with her napkin and ordered coffee.  She's even overseen Anna being smacked in the face with tofu pie during Paris Fashion Week — still, no response in return.

In a new profile of Newkirk by the Financial Times, Anna was asked repeatedly to make a comment, any comment, but to no avail — the only response was: "Ms. Wintour chooses to decline."  Anna is famously choosy about interviews, and doesn't really hang a whole lot of laundry out in public, so I'm guessing a provocateur like Newkirk isn't going to make any major headway anytime soon.
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