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Denim That's Smarter Than You

Denim That's Smarter Than You

The number of denim varieties out there is astounding, and now a new premium brand, called ProportionofBlu is creating another genre: intellectual denim. Going beyond the perfect fit, the ProportionofBlu is aiming to create jeans that are in perfect harmony with nature. All of its designs are based on the Golden Ratio, a mathematical calculation established by Euclid that is thought to have a sort of inherent beauty. The ratio has long shown up in architecture (including the Parthenon and the Pyramids) and also occurs in nature, as in the spiral of a Nautilus shell.

In a clever nod to the golden ratio, each pair of jeans is adorned with 18-karat gold-plate hardware. ProportionofBlu's women jeans come in four styles and are priced between $220 and $260. The line is now rolling out in stores such as Barneys and Fred Segal.


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