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Diane von Furstenberg Doesn't Depend on Her Husband, Live with Him

Diane von Furstenberg Doesn't Depend on Her Husband, Live with Him

>> Rumors have long surrounded the nature of Diane von Furstenberg and her husband Barry Diller's relationship — before their marriage, he was presumed to be openly gay — and in the February 2009 issue of Town & Country, she addresses their unique approach: "Barry respects me so much.  We don't live together during the week, although we go out together. I live on top of my shop; he lives at the Carlyle hotel. It doesn't feel strange at all. I just need a little bit of space. If I can't be alone a little bit, then I lose myself — and I cannot lose myself."

Diane had plenty of experience with unconventional marriage from her first husband, Egon von Furstenberg, who intimated to New York Magazine that he was bisexual.  Besides, as she told Town & Country, there are more important things to her in a relationship besides the semantics of sexuality: "Egon was very eligible, good-looking; he's a prince; he's an Agnelli.  But marriage was not a goal for me at all.  When I got pregnant I was absolutely shocked.  The last thing I wanted was for people to look at me like, 'She got him!'  So then, more than ever, it was important for me to have a career.  I knew what kind of woman I wanted to be — a woman who did not depend on her husband."


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