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FABTV: Air "Sexy Boy"

FABTV: Air "Sexy Boy"

Now that I'm in weekend mode, I must divulge a bit about my hotly anticipated New Year's vacation to Thailand. If you desire a foreign land with great food, awesome beaches, wonderful scuba diving and snorkeling, diverse fellow tourists, killer nightlife, and — of course — fun shopping, add Thailand to your vacation queue. My friend and I spent a good 12 days there, mostly island hopping, and we both plan to go back.

One of my favorite veg-out bands is Air; even the name denotes a mellow vibe. After a whirlwind week back in the office, by Thursday I needed to zone out, and I remembered the breezy release of Air. Kick back and enjoy this comical, creative, watercolored adventure. Weather is here, wish you were beautiful . . .


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