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FABTV: De La Soul "Roller Skating Jam"

FABTV: De La Soul "Roller Skating Jam"

If you've been searching your whole life for a song to roller skate too, find salvation in De La Soul's tribute to the retro sport on wheels. Personally, I hate roller skating. Ok, ok, it's because I suck at it. But I'll take roller skating over ice skating because I have a morbid fear of falling on ice. Anywho, this jam has everything you need to get pumped for a good roller adventure: folks having fun, bright early '90s hip-hop style, and an all-around happy vibe — not to mention some fierce roller moves. I'll stay on the sidelines, but I always love me some fun-loving De La Soul.

P.S. I'm one of those roller snobs who thinks that wheels are way cooler than blades. But if you blade, check out Fit's bits all about it.


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