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FABTV: George Michael "Freedom"

FABTV: George Michael "Freedom"

Welcome to another new feature on Fab that I am really excited about. Sit back, relax and enjoy the FABTV!

Seriously, the first time I saw this video when I was a wee aspiring fashionista I think I developed girl crushes on all these lip syncing supermodels. I mean, you have Naomi as the sultry dancer in the dark, Christy ethereally walking through hallways wearing a white sheet, Cindy in the bathtub and Linda cozied up underneath a black sweater - all of them lip syncing to a fantastic early 90s George Michael song. And, not to mention the no-name hot male model in his white v-neck looking all sexy too. But hands down the best part: the breakdown when a strobe light effect shows three of the aforementioned girls in some sort of dark, blood-sucking secret society slumber party. Now these were supermodels - never to be duplicated.


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