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FABTV: Madonna "Vogue"

FABTV: Madonna "Vogue"

Strike a pose. Ok, here's a funny memory: I did a fully choreographed lip sync to this song with two friends at camp when I was like twelve. I remember it so clearly: I did the wardrobe, no surprise there, and I was one of the two backup dancers. My diva-in-the-making friend Lenora, was Madonna. Because it was camp, wardrobe was limited, so it was all black and white. I was in all black, the other backup singer was in all white, and Lenora/Madonna was in a mix of the two. Seriously, we vogued, and it was SO much fun.

Back to modern day, how do I love this video...let me count the ways! Sit back, relax and enjoy the FABTV.


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