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FABTV: Phoenix, "Lisztomania" (SF Brat Pack Mash Up)

FABTV: Phoenix, "Lisztomania" (SF Brat Pack Mash Up)

I feel a smile coming on . . . this brand spanking new Phoenix video was filmed in my hometown, San Francisco, over the past couple Sundays. It's fresher than fresh. The kids are local talent, and one of my friends is even one of the danceaholics in it — hi Trish! (She's the vibrant redhead with the cool printed tee). It's so spirited. The dance moves may look familiar — an ode to one of the best scenes in The Breakfast Club. And the shots of neon garb hone in on the awesome '80s vibe. Smile on.

Phoenix - Lisztomania (SF BRAT PACK MASH UP) from chinorockwell on Vimeo.


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