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FABTV: Stella McCartney and Ed Ruscha, Iconoclasts

Iconoclast: n. One who attacks and seeks to overthrow traditional or popular ideas or institutions. Can I just say I love Sundance's Iconoclast series. It's in its fourth series and if you indulged in the over-the-top Stylista last night and need a series dose of thinking television, check out tonight's episode where Stella McCartney and artist Ed Ruscha talk art and fashion, fashion and art. Here's a clip where the two are discussing how competitive both their industries are. Stella explains how one must have "survival instincts" in fashion, and really, in both industries, it's all about "selling, selling, selling." Intrigued? Watch tonight on the Sundance channel at 10 p.m.

P.S. I'm also interested in watching the upcoming Iconoclasts of skateboarder Tony Hawk and director Jon Favreau, as well as Cameron Diaz and architect Cameron Sinclair.


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