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Fab Ad: Balenciaga Spring/Summer '08

Fab Ad: Balenciaga Spring/Summer '08

Jennifer Connelly is one of those Fab women who makes me swoon. Not only is she an intense actress but her green eyes and fierce brows are transfixing. The house of Balenciaga is a full force to be reckoned with as well. When I heard Jennifer was to be the Spring face of the brand I got giddy. And here they are. As expected, David Sims' photography is bold, simple and beautiful. There are no frills — just Jennifer and Balenciaga. A fine choice to showcase both of the extraordinary talents. Only thing: Does Jennifer look a bit masculine? Maybe it's just the sculptured shoulders of the clothes. You didn't love it the first time around, do you love it now?


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jnm9jem jnm9jem 8 years
love it... always did.
jnm9jem jnm9jem 8 years
love it... always did.
xredDKNYframes xredDKNYframes 9 years
Not my favorite ad.
xredDKNYframes xredDKNYframes 9 years
Not my favorite ad.
Jess8902 Jess8902 9 years
Guess i'm the minority but I think she looks badass as usual. The clothes look great on her.. maybe not me.. but her.. sure:)
shmoo15 shmoo15 9 years
She looks uncomfortable and robotic
Mally333 Mally333 9 years
This is gonna totally give away my age! She IS a model-turned-actress. She started modeling at 10 (I remember loving her in the JC Penney catalogs and Seventeen magazine) before she landed commercials, and then began getting acting roles.
lilysouth lilysouth 9 years
LettyRN LettyRN 9 years
Total barf-o-rama!
LettyRN LettyRN 9 years
Total barf-o-rama!
snowbunny11 snowbunny11 9 years
Okay, this might work on a runway, but why in an ad with someone who isn't even a model? I'm not saying she isn't pretty enough to be a model (even with the totally gross masculine styling) but honestly, when we see actresses in fashion ads, we expect them to be pretty and not this edgy, because it makes us want to buy stuff, not be like..."hahah look at the funny stuff on the runway!" They should tone down the crazy fashion stuff for print ads!
MisterPinkNoTip MisterPinkNoTip 9 years
Whoa. These are awful. She looks old and sick/strung out.
EmCoo EmCoo 9 years
Who remembers the fuller figured and bushy-browed Jennifer from her Rocketeer days? I am a fan of Balenciaga, but not of Jennifer Connelly trying to pretend she's naturally that thin and doesn't have an eating disorder.
mich-elle mich-elle 9 years
I think a stiff wind could break her sickly legs.
Stacey42906 Stacey42906 9 years
Although I love her, this is not my favorite look on her. Although as others have said I do appreciate the artistic side of it which is pretty damn cool.
naziazholesusuck naziazholesusuck 9 years
meh. dont think too much about her face but her body looks rocking in this(like a model and probably the only way the dress could possibly look decent). dont really like the dress personally but i can appreciate the "art" of the picture and the dress/shoes. i agree that ads need to quit using actressses as models and please start using models as models again. same goes for fashion magazine covers!
Roccoco Roccoco 9 years
Wouldn't be caught dead in that- gross! gross! gross!
sarah-lynn sarah-lynn 9 years
She looks so uncomfortable in this - the colors aren't flattering, and in the first one her leg looks like it is bending funny. Needless to say those boots clash like crazy. something else should have been done with her hair too.
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 9 years
At first I was like ew but then I tried to see it as more of art piece and it started to make more sense to me. Then I noticed how skinny she looks and I really hate that.
ndnattie ndnattie 9 years
I really like her and think she's very pretty, but these ads don't do her much justice. She looks too thin and eh, the dress isn't that great.
kapchis kapchis 9 years
Maybe I'm looking at the artistic side of the photo, and not the everyday fashion side, but I think this is fabulous. No, I'm not waking up Saturday morning, and running around in this outfit whilst I run errands with the kids. I don't even think this is an outfit for the masses. I think the photo is excellent. The alien look. The pinched and painful corset look of her waist. The eyes bereft of all life. The I'm-on-a-diet-of-not-eating-and-when-I-feel-like-I'm-going-to-pass-out-I-eat-a-cracker look of her legs. It's not the picture of beauty and yet it is.
nikolem2 nikolem2 9 years
Disgusting! Looks like a skeleton in a dress. Is this what women are aspiring to? Count me out!
macneil macneil 9 years
And yeah, the outfit is hideous.
macneil macneil 9 years
I never never understand the pleas in the letters page of Vogue for more models on the covers and fewer actresses, or the sense of horror when actresses are used instead of models in fashion ads. Models are longer, so what? Airbrushing and leg stretching means they can be as fantasy as they ever were - and the models are hardly au naturel. Jennifer Connelly is easily as beautiful as a model, but more interesting to me because she's older and ferociously clever - NOT THAT all models aren't! But she got the gig, what's the problem?
esmes esmes 9 years
She looks so uncomfortable.
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