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Fab Ad: Zac Posen Spring '09

Fab Ad: Zac Posen Spring '09

Ladies and gents, you're looking at Zac Posen's ad campaign debut. Here's the story on why he decided to jump on the bandwagon now. The publisher of indie fashion magazine Fanzine137, Luis Venegas, made him an offer he couldn't refuse: a double spread to create his ideal ad. Posen quickly assembled a team — Ellen von Unwerth as the photographer, his stylist friend Christopher Niquet, and model Alexandra Tomlinson — and got to work at his friend Lorraine Kirke’s house. "Once Ellen saw me singing Cole Porter, laying on top of Lorraine’s grand piano, she decided it had to be the spot for the picture," Posen said. We think it's kind of boring, what do you think?



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