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Fab Blab: Stephanie Seymour and Fenton Talk Jewels

Isn't it grand when two fashion folks get together and pick each others' brains? One of my Super favorites, Stephanie Seymour, interviewed the designer of jewelry line Fenton for Interview magazine. Seeing as how statement jewelry — especially cool, mixed material jewelry — has dazzled its way into our lives this year, I'm sure you won't mind hearing all about what the designer, Dana Lorenz, has to say. Here are the highlights from Stephanie's Interview interview, jinx:

  • If Dana weren't a jewelry designer she would . . . "My friends and I always laugh that maybe we'll leave it all behind and go open a Holistic Dog Spa or make organic soaps in Vermont, but to be successful at it. Like Diane Keaton in Baby Boom."
  • Favorite celebrities to dress. "Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton are always surprising and refreshing to see."
  • For some more, and to see a couple more Fab Fallon and Fenton pieces, read more

    • The designer's favorite materials to use. "Solid brass is great because of its weight and wear and value. I'm trying to plate a lot less because of the impact on the environment so we are working with heat and natural ways to tarnish and oxidize metal. I found a great source for vintage lucite and crystals from Germany who keeps an eye out for me. If I like what she's pulled I buy the whole lot — using up surplus materials that already exist in the world. It's the only way I feel good about achieving a look that's 'excess' without being excessive."
    • Her realization she was a successful jewelry designer. "Being asked to design necklaces for Proenza Schouler, getting a call from Anna Wintour's office about sending up items for xmas gifts . . . being interviewed by you for Interview!"





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