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Fab Finding Follow-Up: Fab DIY Tie-Dye Party

Aug 26 2008 - 5:00pm

Did you hear? I'm planning a Fab DIY [1] tie-dye party at the park, and it's going to get psychedelic, people. I've got a rainbow of colors to choose from, and I even bought neon sprays for the finishing touch. If you've ever tie-dyed, you know it gets messy. I asked you to help me find a sweet outfit that will withstand dirt and dye.

I started you off with this Urban Outfitters Chain Braided Suede Headwrap [2] ($18) because it's groovy and will keep my hair in place. Let's see what you all came up with!

Look #1, created by annebreal [3], is quite conducive to a tie-dye job [4]. It's comfortable and I won't get upset if anything gets stained.

To see the rest, .

Look #2, created by maria212134 [5], goes hand in hand with the theme [6]. The paint tee will hide any dye marks.

Look #3, created by hil34 [7], may not be the most comfy, but it's sure hot [8]. I love the bell bottom jeans.

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