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Fab Finding Follow Up: TiVo Party

The many new shows on TV are keeping me quite busy. I can't be home every night to watch them, so that's where my TiVo comes in handy. I'm entertaining the thought of having a TiVo party with all my friends, but first comes the outfit. I asked you to help me find a look that would be comfy and cozy enough to endure hours of lounging on the sofa.

I started you off with this Delia's TVs Tee ($27) because it fits right in with the theme. Let's see what you came up with!

Look # 1, created by maria212134, has a nice relaxed shape. The wide waistband is key to vegging out.

To see the rest,

Look # 2, created by leeluvfashion, is laid-back cool. That fuchsia cardigan looks super cozy.

Look # 3, created by azulskies, has all the signs of comfort. Loafers are all the rage!

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