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Fab Finding Follow Up: What's for Dinner, Lovah?

Fab Finding Follow Up: What's for Dinner, Lovah?

YumSugar has already found a cute apron for my staying in cooking date so it's up to you to complete my effortlessly beautiful look for the evening. I want to look nice, but not overly dressed up since we'll be cozying up indoors.

I started you off with this Malababa Braided Leather Headband ($155) because the color is Fab and it will keep my hair out of my face while I show off my cooking skills!

Let's see what you all came up with!

Look # 1, created by Ashley2007, is cute without trying too hard. The embroidered tank is original and the satin bow flats are to die for.

To see the rest,


Look # 2, created by nikkeeb exudes cheerful charm. The yellow and purple combo is a match made in heaven.

Look # 3, created by EllaB, is crisp and polished. The graphic top is sure to cover up any kitchen mishaps.

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