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Fab Finds of The Week: Fallen Fashion Leaves

I see there are some nature loving fashionistas out there! Who says they don't exist? You all seemed to enjoy the leaf adornments I showed you last month and now you're on a leaf kick in the Fab Finds. You hippie chicks you! Fallen fashion leaves are a way to say you are on-trend but also honor nature and all its leafy splendor.

The Fab Finder of the week is Fashionsugar with all her super cute leafy finds! Every week the Fab Finder I announce Monday morning will receive either a TeamSugar or FabSugar baby tee shirt. I thoroughly enjoy perusing your Fab Finds every week, so dare to be a Fab Finding trendsetter and you just might win a Sugar tee!

To see a couple more leafy items,

Esprit Print Voile Skirt, found by unacoj.

Antik Batik Baia dress, found by Fashionsugar.

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