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Fab Flash: Has PETA Gone Too Far With The "Trollsen Twins?"

Fab Flash: Has PETA Gone Too Far With The "Trollsen Twins?"

PETA launched a new site today specifically targeting the Olsen twins, who they've re-named "Hairy-Kate and Trashly," the "Trollsen Twins," and re-drawn in an unattractive cartoon form. The site features games, videos, merchandise, and you can even take action by sending the Olsens a letter. This is an aggressive attack on PETA's part — do you think they've gone too far this time?

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BabyLoveKiss BabyLoveKiss 7 years
PETA can kiss my ass, they are only in it for the fame now and its annoying as hell. They shouldn't go as far as writting "fur hags" on the star that the olsen twins deserve. the pricks at PETA should grow up.
kidinthesixties kidinthesixties 9 years
the site is vulgar. FAIL.
foxie foxie 9 years
Lots of really horrible cruelties used to be "choices." It doesn't make it right. This generation in America should be smarter than this.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
oh my GOD. i actually just started to watch a video on PETA and i think i'm going to be sick. i could cry.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
i totally agree with you suzier~ 2 wrongs don't make a right. when looking at this ad, you don't think fur is wrong, but see something that should be on some gossip page. FOXIE, i was just saying that this is not an effective way to stop anyone from wearing fur. it's simply cruel and vicious, especially when some ppl don't bother to think about what really happens for these furs to be made. besides, fur is a choice (not that i would i ever wear it*).
suzier suzier 9 years
Whether or not fur is wrong has no relevance to whether or not this campaign is wrong. It's the whole two-wrongs-don't-make-a-right thing. Regardless of my views on fur, I don't support this campaign. I think it is excessive and, to me, it is so over the top that the actual purpose and message are lost. All you notice is how sensational it is, and the meaning is lost.
xxangelobello xxangelobello 9 years
On the other hand, I plan on leaving PETA because I'm furious my money is going towards pointless ads... I literally can't go to bed because I'm so mad that they would waste donations on this... I do however encourage people to go to the humane society and donate or volunteer to walk dogs and play with animals at a local shelter... this is just so sad how I see women on here posting "I love Kate moss' fur purse blah blah" Like... don't you realize there is more to like than luxury and thinking something is cute or high fashion. I was born into wealth but I was raised on the belief that wearing clothes with fur or a big GUCCI or PRADA emblem on it is just TACKY and low-class.
xxangelobello xxangelobello 9 years
Robin Fabulous makes me laugh because she thinks that by posting 2 quotes from the 80's by two nutjobs that started PETA, then that MUST mean ALL PETA members think like that... very ignorant of you.
xxangelobello xxangelobello 9 years
Wow I find it repulsive that some of you are defending the Olsen's... yes, PETA is taking it too far and making themselves look like morons, but maybe if you actually watched the videos of what happens to those animals you'd understand a little that the Olsens obviously aren't your average caring people. I used to be a fan but wearing INNOCENT ANIMAL CARCASS IS NOT CUTE... honestly so ugly.
musewings musewings 9 years
PETA has been ridiculous for a long time. When I was a serious grassroots activist, they used to call me regularly to try to get me to do their dirty work. Civil disobedience is better "militant" tactic than this.
foxie foxie 9 years
Oh, and I second remedios. That's a completely other (way relevant) side to this argument that none of us even brought up.
foxie foxie 9 years
Plenty of websites and campaigns ask people nicely not to wear fur (or to be kind and compassionate towards animals in general), but no one pays attention. Skinning an animal alive and turning it into a coat is as obscene as it gets, really. And since every action calls for an equal and opposite reaction, I'm suprised it's taken this long to make such a loud and obscene attack on these girls. And catherela, I think you'd be well advised to read up on what happens to these animals before you claim that you'd keep wearing fur just to get-back-at-em or whatever. Heck, you might even learn what the moral of this story is.
cittypark cittypark 9 years
it's completely unfair that these ladies are being targeted for being celebs. plenty of ppl wear fur, and plenty will continue regardless of these ludicrous ads. yes these ads are eye catching, but why don't they ask nicely? peta is pretty ridiculous thinking they can be this outlandish and hoping ppl will stop or think twice about fur. if i were them i'd keep wearing fur just bc of these ads. they are 2 out of thousands... what is the moral here? don't wear fur or else we'll humiliate you??
Lilavati Lilavati 9 years
I'll bring back two interesting points: Foxie wrote: "Baby animals and their mothers alike are being slaughtered and turned into coats, but GOD FORBID peta make a trash-talking website, right?" I think that's exactly the problem of this campaign: it's driving attention AWAY from where the problem really is (which is, fur or no fur, cruelty towards animals). Remedios wrote: "People pick on them all the time - they're anorexic, can't dress well, don't own a brush, look like trolls, whatever else. Why is it suddenly bad when Peta does it but ok when people do it on gossip sites?" I think Peta has acted just like a stupid gossip magazine/site here. And the weapon against that kind of simply ignoring it. Let's visit sites that have valuable information, not gossip or trashing.
weirdwendyh weirdwendyh 9 years
I don't wear fur but i'm a meat eater so i can't say to much.That said though maybe if the twins were not so anorexic and skinny they wouldn't have to wear fur all the time to stay warm.I've seen photo's of one of the girls in California in nice weather and she was wearing fur during the day,c'mon it's not that dang cold.They should try faux fur if they want to wear something.Those animals didn't take their fur off and hand it to the hunter or whoever it was.Peta went after them but the twins put themselves out there in it.
remedios remedios 9 years
I'm tired of all this rabblerousing... and by rabblerousing I mean people so obsessed with PETA's campaign against the Olsen twins. Who cares? They're not hurting me (at least with that campaign). People pick on them all the time - they're anorexic, can't dress well, don't own a brush, look like trolls, whatever else. Why is it suddenly bad when Peta does it but ok when people do it on gossip sites? All this "I'm totally offended/disgusted/whatever" ... People can be extremely disingenuous. Please. This offends you? How do you survive in the world? It must be rough. You must walk around offended every moment of every day, because there's far worse stuff out there than a silly campaign on a constant basis. Hey, at least they're getting people talking.
ellebelle ellebelle 9 years
They have totally gone too far. This tactic is immature and disrespectful. I don't condone fur. However, I cannot respect/support an organization that preaches kindness to animals, but is cruel to people. This is just not okay.
anned anned 9 years
I wish PETA would spend their money on saving the animals they are fighting for as opposed to wasting it on trashing the Olsens. but the site was kinda funny :)
Lemerne Lemerne 9 years
Quite frankly, i don't have a firm position about wheter it's ok or not to wear fur. But i do think people have the right to choose if they wanna wear it or not, and PETA has no right to insult people who do. And i think comparing killing animals and killing people is taking it too far... I also read a comment about abortion, what does abortion have to do with this whole debate? And it's so wrong to personally attack people, it just seems childish, and it proves it's the only way they could try to make their point... My point is: just let people live, next thing you know someone is gonna tell you "don't eat vegetables, it's murder"...
VioletDon VioletDon 9 years
love love love PETA!!!!!!!!
foxie foxie 9 years
subhuman, I really commend you for actually watching the videos and having an open mind about it. It's better late than never when it comes to boycotting fur. =)
subhuman-error subhuman-error 9 years
Did anyone actually watch those videos on the site? I used to wear fur but I will never buy it again. That was absolutely the most horrible and disgusting treatment of any living being that I have ever witnessed.
foxie foxie 9 years
Just because humans are suffering doesn't mean all other causes should be completely abandoned. Humans will always suffer, so in your logic, the plight of animals should be ignored indefinitely. That's cruel. It's also unreasonable when you consider that humans are far more developed, sophisticated, and intelligent than animals are. Humans technically SHOULD be able to help themselves, whereas animals are completely in our control.
DejaVecu DejaVecu 9 years
Actually, it isn't. It's about whether PETA went too far in calling out the Olsons for wearing fur. So, while it is not ok to murder animals for a stupid coat (who on here lives in the arctic tundra and needs access to that kind of anyone the unconscious Luke Skywalker clinging to life, Han Solo? Nope. Didn't think so), it seems that many of us also think it's silly to waste money and mental energy on an ad campaign that smears two little idiots, making them more important than they should ever be, for wearing a fur. They are probably too stupid to correctly identify a mink, bunny, or fox (or whatever animal they drape on themselves), let alone correctly pay cash for it...they charged it, we all know that. I agree with you...fur is murder, but I also find it to be an insane world where my cat (and my puppy) will live a life of luxury compared to innocent human beings and would prefer that other privileged human beings do something about that. Where is the web site for that? Where is the web site causing so much outrage concerning the fact that my kitty/my puppy has fresh, safe water and healthy food, a nice safe home and a cozy bed, but millions of human beings do not? So, it annoys me that PETA wasted lots of money to pick on these idiots and we (me included) are spending energy debating it and not something that matters a bit more. Because the way I see it, who really cares if someone wears a fur when people don't even have drinking water? When people are starving? I probably sound like a drama queen, but that's how I've come to see this issue. And I used to pass out little cards from PETA to everyone I saw in a fur coat. And I am eating less meat everyday...more because I am becoming less tolerant of the taste than for ethical reasons, but I am happy about it. I do want to do more for animals, but I want to do even more for other people. I don't want to sound like a flakey hippie, but people and animals should be able to live together...respecfully, happily...with their own spaces...never even crossing paths if that is the way nature sees fit. Fur is murder but its worse to ignore human suffering to prove that point.
foxie foxie 9 years
Cleary plenty of people want animals to die for a coat. Isn't that the whole point of this discussion?
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