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Fab Flash: A Trend Toward Seasonless Dressing

Unpredictable weather patterns are wreaking havoc on traditional Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion seasons, and fashion designers are having to adapt "to the reality that there is no strong difference between Summer and Winter any more," Beppe Modenese, founder of Milan Fashion Week, told The New York Times.

Fashion giants like Liz Claiborne Inc, Target, and Kohl's have all hired climatologists to help them plan for their next collections, and Target is even promising to sell swimwear year-round starting in January.

But the bottom line, as Harriet Quick, fashion features director of Vogue UK says, is that "we'll start to see a move toward what you could call trans-seasonal or all-year-clothing." If this happens, it means that you will be able to get more wear out of what you buy — and I'm not going to argue with that!


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