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Fab's Going to Fashion Week! My Geek Gear

Fab's Going to Fashion Week! My Geek Gear

Get a load of me Geek girls! I would make them so proud with all the high-tech gadgets I'm taking with me to New York Fashion Week. Though geek chic isn't my forte, with the added excitement of my guest blogging for I need to have the tools to do my job, wherever I may go. Especially for fashion bloggers, these so-called gadgets need to look Fab too. I do my best, and I have my Geek girls to answer all my questions, so here's my stash!

First, my BFF, my Mac Book. I've also got some noice canceling headphones for two reasons in particular: 1) I'm not a morning person, and 2) I don't like anyone talking to me on planes. Call me sassy! Then there's your standard Blackberry and dinky pinky Motorola Razr. Two cameras; a more professional one (in black) and a snap-and-go one (in pewter). The more mysterious items are a Pure Flip Video recorder, a nice little slim voice recorder (key), and, the coolest of all: a USB port thingy that allows me to get Internet wherever there is Verizon service. So, like, in Bryant Park between shows while sipping a tepid soy chai latte I can bring you all the latest and greatest! Official Fab geek out moment right there.


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