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Fab's Going to Fashion Week! My Outfit Plans

Fab's Going to Fashion Week! My Outfit Plans

What can I say...I'm in a sharing mood! So you've seen, and helped me finalize, my fashion week style survival kit. Then, I geeked out with all my posh gadgets for the adventure (half of which I don't know how to use, whatever, I'll figure it out!). And here is something very special, I hope you all appreciate: my outfit plans. I normally don't reveal my style secrets, but I thought you all would get a kick out of this because: what does one wear to fashion week?! We're talking the creme de la creme of the fashion world. No wallflowers allowed - Fab will be pulling out all the stops next week because I need to impress Anna, my fellow Editors and our new friends over at! So if you can decipher my Fab-scratch, you can maybe get an idea of what's in my lineup. The key items: hats, dope jewelry, comfy but cute shoes, stand-out dresses, vintage belts and more hats!

To see the second page of my plan & a fashion cheat sheet, courtesy of partysugar, read more



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