Imagine being the daughter of the owner of Harrods department store. Camilla Al-Fayed doesn't have to imagine it; she is it. And yes, she's the half-sister of the late Dodi Al-Fayed, Princess Diana's boyfriend.

The Egyptian beauty is close friends with another gorgeous socialite, Dasha Zhukova, and can be seen with her at all major fashion soirees. From the look of her luxe outfits, one of her favorite colors is black. Can you blame her? The 24-year-old also occasionally likes to throw in pops of bright colors like cobalt and hot pink. Having money often means always wearing designer, but that's not why Camilla stands out. She's always polished, head to toe, and knows how to wear pieces that flatter her womanly figure. Plus, among a sea of blond socialites, it's refreshing to see a brunette beauty.

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