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Fabcon: Diane Keaton

How many actresses can say that a single movie role they played spawned a whole fashion movement? Playing Annie Hall was so natural for Diane Keaton, her personal style reflects what Annie would wear today, were she real. Yes, Diane has made a few fashion faux pas, but what risk-taker hasn't? If you don't take risks in fashion, you can't be in the running for a style icon. What's more, when Kate Moss is inspired by your style, you know you've got something special going on.

What attracts me to Diane's personal style is her ability to pull off androgynous looks with utter sophistication — like no other woman in Hollywood. She found a fashion genre that works for her, so she's stayed endlessly true to it. Not many fashion insiders have that much loyalty to one style. And I'm not the only one who sings Diane's praises; Rachel Bilson, who often dabbles with the boy-meets-girl style, looks up to her, too:

"Diane Keaton always stays true to herself, stylewise, which I admire so much. And I love her menswearish Annie Hall-era outfits," she said in Lucky Magazine's March issue.

I'm so glad Diane was chosen to portray Annie Hall, because in the hands of another actress, who knows if the menswear trend would live on so strongly today!

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